New Spade Anchors Dealer


Spade Anchors are High Performance Anchors

Spade High Performance Anchor

There’s no need to worry any more !

Spade High Performance Anchor

Available in sizes to fit any boat

The Spade Anchor is safe and easy to use:

  • It doesn’t require the use of any special mooring line, or anchoring technique
  • can be used with a low rope-length to depth ratio
  • It is painted bright yellow so you can visually check how well it’s dug in
  • It is self-launching, and self-retrieving
  • It fits snugly on most bow rollers, presenting a rounded forward surface
  • can be easily dismantled into shank and body, for storage or transport

The Spade Anchor Exclusive Patented Design Allows Us to Offer a Six Month, Full Satisfaction Guarantee on your Spade Anchor.

The unique design of our anchor is what makes it so effective!

Plow shaped anchors are designed to plow the sea floor, as they move through it – hence their name. SPADE anchors by name, and by action, dig deeply into the sea floor. Once they are within the sea floor, the concave shape of SPADE anchors is designed to compact the sea floor, and not move!

Davidson’s Marine Service is now a dealer for Spade Anchor!


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