Testimonials from our clients…..


"Thank you for your prompt service of my marine air conditioner.  The gentleman, I believe his name is Angelo, was very knowledgeable, professional, and courteous.  It is a pleasure doing business with a company like Davidson Marine."

Roger Henderson
S/V Sabbatical


"Thank you for the quick reply.  I wish all service providers that I had issues with in this last refit would reply as fast as you did, thank you. The strainer is clean, filters are clean, and we are in the clear gulf stream water; point being is that flow meter is not right." 

Best Regards,
Gunter Alvarado
MCA Y2 Chief Engineer
USCG 3000ITC Master Upon Oceans


"Under both power and sail I have traversed the intercoastal waterway (Norfolk to Key West and on to Brownsville TX) many times and completed a little over 15000 off shore miles. In those years I have experienced both horrific and outstanding services from several dozen marine servce companies along the way. Recently as I have ben preparing an old heavy displacemet salboat for an extended passage off shore, I have contraced with Davidson Marine Service on a number of occasions to help duing the refurbishment process. Typically the projects were complicated, in tight confining spaces, never conducted in a conveniently located service yard (only at a dock), and chocked full of unanticipate problems.

As a result the projects relied heavily upon the technicians judgement and my confidence in the company’s values to honestly and fairly address the problem at hand on an open end (time and materials) basis. Davidons was always fair when billing these messy projects and the work was professionally completed. I would hghly recomend Davidson’s as a reliable mobile marine service, and I would rank Davidsons Marine service to be among the hightest quality, most fairly priced and exceptinally responsive services with whom I have dealt along the Eastern seaboard of the United States." 

William Amt

"I want to thank you for the prompt and professional service on my Fisher-Panda Generator.  I have used Davidson’s Marine Service for the third time in as many years and continue to appreciate your fair and honest service.  You and your employees are to be commended for your exceptional service and communication with the customer."

Roger Henderson,
Past Commodore, Amelia Island Sailing Club
S/V Sabbatical


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